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    Birmingham is experiencing a business boom as large numbers various workers are relocating to Birmingham, both of commercial and professional organisations. 2018 has seen the number of businesses in Birmingham grow three times over. When compared to the UK average of around 13.5% this is huge. These numbers include major banks, professional organisations and market-leaders. In turn, this has influenced what is now becoming a booming buy-to-let market in Birmingham. 

    Birmingham’s potential as a business hub is turning it into a magnet for organisations. This is largely thanks to its large professional population and great transport links. Especially the HS2 project, which is really helping its economy grow ever stronger.


    Large Professional Population

    Birmingham is attracting more people from London than any other city in the UK as various workers are relocating to Birmingham. Londoners are enticed by Birmingham’s good career opportunities, excellent quality of life and more affordable living. In 2016 net population was up with around 6,500 people moving to the city. More people are in fact staying than there are leaving.

    Young professionals make up a key sector of Birmingham’s population. There are 18 universities within an hour of the city, producing many thousands of graduates each year. In addition, many stay in the city, keen to make a start in the thriving jobs market, feeding into the region’s talent pool.


    Tech Hub

    There are over 3000 more tech and digital firms than any other regional city centre, at the time of writing.  Birmingham’s tech and digital sector is now the fifth largest industry in the region. This means 5% of national business occurs just in this city. Predictions state that there will be an additional 14,000 jobs by 2025 as this sector grows. This is on top of the 70,000 already available in Birmingham.


    Startup Central

    Birmingham can also boast the most startups outside of London, reaching 12,108 in 2017. This is because Birmingham offers entrepreneurs the opportunities to develop ideas, network, find talented workers and grow their businesses.

    Specialist business districts are currently in development throughout the city. At the Alpha Works startups are being offered collaborative spaces and working foundations. The Custard Factory is at the heart of the new creative quarter, housing a range of creative and digital organisations. This is in addition to various office and event spaces and independent retail outlets.

    We work with investors to secure opportunities in the Birmingham area. Find out more information on Birmingham buy-to-let opportunities.

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