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Why Manchester is Leading Healthcare Innovation

8th July 2018

Manchester has long been home to groundbreaking healthcare innovation. It was here that the first test tube babies came into the world, and where hip replacement surgery and bionic eye implants were originally pioneered. Highlighting why Manchester is …

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Manchester Remains at the Heart of UK Manufacturing

5th July 2018

250 years ago Manchester was the centre of the UK’s industrial revolution and is now the heart of UK manufacturing. It was the world’s first industrial city, boasting the first industrial estates and factories. It’s where Ford chose to build their firs …

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Birmingham Named Most Improved UK City

4th July 2018

In 2017 Birmingham was named the most improved city in the UK to live and work by PwC and think tank Demos. In the report factors such as work-life balance, transport, income, inequality and health were all taken into account. Birmingham’s improvements …

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Manchester Continues to Showcase its Creative Talents

2nd July 2018

Manchester has a rich history of innovation and creativity. This is shown as Manchester continues to showcase its creative talents. From the industrial revolution 250 years ago to the creation of some of the best-loved animated content from the last 40 …

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Liverpool Tops Buy-to-Let Yields List

1st July 2018

TotallyMoney.com has given the top spot of the buy-to-let yields list to Liverpool, making Liverpool the top place to invest in buy-to-let properties. In its 2018 report three Liverpool postcodes are in the top 10. With L7, L6 and L1 coming in at numbe …

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Birmingham’s Population Boom Outpaces Residential Construction

30th June 2018

Birmingham is forecasted to have a population rise of 171,000 people, now a little over £1.1m according to the World Population Review – Birmingham. This would make the total population of the city a total of 1.3 million by 2039. Meaning nearly 100,000 …

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HS2 and Northern Powerhouse Rail Help Establish New “Piccadilly Central” District in Manchester

29th June 2018

Manchester City Council is planning to create a new, innovative “Piccadilly Central” district surrounding Manchester Piccadilly rail station. This is while HS2 and Northern Powerhouse Rail help establish new “Piccadilly Central” in Manchester.  The sta …

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Edinburgh, Birmingham and Manchester’s Property Markets Pass London

22nd June 2018

Savills have reported huge annual house price growth in the key regional cities of Edinburgh, Birmingham and Manchester’s property markets. This is far exceeding rates for London and the UK as a whole. The UK average was 4.1% with London only seeing 1. …

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