A Guide to the Costs of Moving Home

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If you’re planning on moving home it’s important you know all the different costs involved. This will help you work out how much you can afford and what you need to save, and will stop you being hit with any nasty surprises along the way.

The main costs from moving home is the deposit

A deposit is usually the main cost associated with buying a new home. This is typically 5%, but the more you put down the more you’ll save overall. A bigger deposit also increases the likelihood of being accepted for a mortgage.

Stamp duty

You are charged Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) when you buy a home in the UK priced over £125,000. If you are a first-time buyer you are exempt on homes up to £300,000, and if you’re buying a first home worth up to £500,000 you will only pay SDLT on the last £200,000.

If you’re not a first-time buyer, how much you’ll need to pay is shown in the table below:

Price of the property Stamp duty rate Cost
Up to £125,000 0% £0
£125,000 – £250,000 2% £0-£2,500
£250,000 – £925,000 5% £2,500-£36,250
£925,000 – £1,500,000 10% £36,250-£93,750
£1,500,000 12% £93,750+


You only pay each rate for the segment of the price that falls in that band. So, on a house that costs £275,000, you would pay:

0% on the first £125,000= £0

2% on the next £125,000= £2,500

5% on the final £25,000= £1,250

Therefore the total stamp duty you would pay is £3,750.

Property survey

A property surveyor is required to check the property whenever you buy a home. The prices of this range from £250 to £600+ depending on the type of survey you choose. There are 4 main home survey types:

  • Condition report: £250
    • This is a high-level report that uses a traffic light system to give a basic indication of the property. A valuation is also included.
  • HomeBuyer report: £400
    • This is a more in-depth look at the property, but does not cover any checks behind walls, under floorboards or under furniture. A valuation is not usually included.
  • Home Condition Survey: £400-£500
    • Any issues with the property are identified and rated from 1-3 based on severity. The surveyor may also offer advice on these issues and give guidance on how to deal with them. A valuation is not usually included.
  • Building Survey: £600+
    • The surveyor will look at walls, under flooring and will move furniture to check for any hidden defects. They will also advise on how to deal with these and will include a valuation of the property.

It is important to consider the age of the property when choosing the type of survey. A new build home may only require a basic report and valuation, whereas older properties may need a more in-depth survey to check any hidden issues.

Valuation fee

If you’re taking out a mortgage on your new home, you will need to get the property valued to ensure it’s worth what you’re asking the bank to lend you for it.

Sometimes this comes as part of your mortgage deal or home survey, but if not you’ll have to pay for one. This cost is usually based on the value of your home, as this table shows:

Price of the property Valuation Fee
Under £75,000 £125
£75,001-£100,000 £137
£100,001-£150,000 £149
£150,001-£200,000 £173
£200,001-£250,000 £197
£250,001-£300,000 £227
£300,001-£400,000 £263
£4001,000-£500,000 £281
£500,001-£600,000 £365

One of the costs to consider from moving home are solicitor and conveyancing fees

The average solicitor fees when buying a new home are £950. Conveyancing fees are usually based on the property value, and if your home is leasehold you will pay more due to the additional paperwork required. Conveyancing fees are shown in the table below:

Price of the property Average conveyancing costs (Freehold) Average conveyancing costs (Leasehold)
Up to £125,000 £415 £750
£125,000-£250,000 £430 £750
£250,000-£375,000 £460 £785
£375,000-£500,000 £495 £810
£500,000-£750,000 £665 £920
£750,000-£1,000,000 £940 £1,060
£1,000,000-£1,250,000 £1,425 £1,555
£1,250,000-£1,500,000 £1,390 £1,500

You’ll also need to pay for searches and land registry updates. Search fees are typically £250 and identify anything in the area that might affect your property, such as planning bids. This is done via searches through local authorities and other avenues

Land registry fees vary depending on the value of the property and range from £40-£910. These fees cover the solicitor updating the official documents to help buy the land registry.

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