Four Up-and-Coming Areas in Liverpool

May 30, 2019

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Liverpool is one of the UK’s crown jewels of urban regeneration, bouncing back from decades of underfunding. Now it has become one of the country’s most vibrant and fastest growing cities, with a property market to match. While savvy investors have known for years about the plethora of opportunities in Liverpool there is also still plenty of low-cost, high-reward opportunities. That is if you know where to look (or have a partner with a company that does).

Baltic Triangle is an Up-and-Coming Area in Liverpool

It may seem strange to call an area in the heart of the city centre “up-and-coming” but we have our reasons. Prices  are well below national averages and investment yields are put central London to shame. This makes the L1 postcode a land of opportunity for property investors and home buyers alike.

New developments like Parliament Square offer high-spec apartment living in an area that topped The Times poll of the UK’s coolest places to live. With a booming social and cultural scene, the Baltic Triangle is a fast growing part of a fast growing city.

Liverpool Waters

One of the stars of the Northern Powerhouse regeneration initiative is Liverpool Waters. Recently transformed in to one of the city’s social, cultural and shopping hubs – but still time for property investors or buyers to get involved.

Developments such as Park Central allow buyers to invest in this shooting star of an area from as little as £136,000.  This offers incredible long-term prospects for growth and excellent rental yields for buy to let investors.

Edge Hill

Edge Hill is a buy to let investor’s dream. It is close to the main campuses of both of Liverpool’s main universities. It also sports fantastic transport links and plenty of green space right on the edge of the city centre. Double digit yields aren’t uncommon, and a steady stream of students and young professionals ensures you will have no occupancy headaches.


Aigburth sits within a leafy suburb of the city centre, offering a youthful vibe and buzz. It is a favourite amongst younger buyers and renters, as well as growing families. Sefton Park remains one of the city’s largest and most beloved green spaces. It bounds the area to the north. and Aigburth Road runs through it providing a huge range of shops, bars and restaurants. We believe this is probably one of the best areas in terms of value, outside of the Liverpool city centre.

We are currently delivering various developments in the Liverpool area. If you need any support or wish to view a property Contact us today

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