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What makes Ashford a UK property hotspot?

Ashford is located in the London Commuter Belt and is one of the UK’s most impressive property locations. The town benefits from extremely good infrastructure, proximity to London, a growing population and a slate of ongoing investment which is increasing its prosperity even further.


Ashford property prices are 10% higher than the pre-pandemic peak

38 mins

Quick and convenient access to London by train


Rapidly growing population with an undersupply of homes


Ashford property price is much lower than the London average

Why buy property in Ashford?

Ashford is the gold standard property market in the London Commuter Belt. With direct rail links to London and Paris, this is the ideal location for global businesses and many have chosen Ashford to be their base – providing high quality jobs in the process.

Furthermore, Ashford is also close to both of London’s major airports. Gatwick is only an hour away via car and Heathrow is an hour and 30 minutes away via car. London Ashford Airport is even closer, and is set to undergo a major refurbishment that will make it an even more useful resource for the town.

Consequently, Ashford is in a prime position to keep growing in the future, having already seen significant population growth in recent years as more and more people relocate from London. The availability of high quality jobs and close proximity to London are the perfect recipe for a growing property market, and this is the perfect time to buy in one of the London Commuter Belt’s finest areas.

The latest figures from Rightmove show that property prices in Ashford are 10% higher than the pre-pandemic peak, and the conditions are right for them to keep growing. With entry prices as much as 39% lower than the London average, this is potentially a lucrative opportunity which can benefit homebuyers and investors alike.

Train times via Eurostar

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Travel to London
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Life in Ashford

Reasons to make the move

Ashford is an ideal place for many to move to as it is away from the hustle and bustle of London and surrounding cities (such as Brussels and Paris which are accessible via train) but within close and easy access, making it a great commuter town.

Blending the traditional high street experience with modern lifestyle, you’ll be able to visit local, independent stores, restaurants and cafes. There are seasonal activities for families, young people and culture lovers from Splashes of Summer events to the Ashford Snowdogs Arts Trail and the annual Create Festival!

Ashford Economic Growth

Ashford’s economic growth is being driven by a combination of factors. The first and most important is the town’s infrastructure and connectivity which puts it within easy reach of London and Paris by rail. It is also only a short drive from the M25 and an easy journey from Gatwick and Heathrow Airports.

The town also offers a business-friendly environment of its own. High quality commercial spaces are available and rent at 73% lower rates than comparable sites in London according to Ashford Borough Council figures.

Workforce costs are equally competitive for businesses, with the same Council report estimating that they are as much as 28% lower. These realities have turned Ashford into “one of the UK’s most prosperous areas with new businesses, leisure opportunities, and retail developments.”

Economy stats


    Office rates 73% lower than in London (Ashford Borough Council)


    Workforce costs 28% lower than London (Ashford Borough Council)

Commuter Belt

It has become a known fact that more people are leaving London than ever before. This trend has only accelerated since the pandemic. PricewaterhouseCoopers have predicted that the capital’s population could decrease by more than 300,000 people in the near future.

The vast majority of people who leave London end up in the Commuter Belt towns. This allows people to get the best of both worlds – particularly with the rise of hybrid working, which means that fewer people than ever need to commute into the city each day.


Commuter Belt towns like Ashford offer a high quality of living as well as easy access to London and beyond, all for a fraction of the price. This is good news and should serve to help grow the town’s population even more than the 22.2% growth recorded by the Council in the last 15 years.

The town is a major beneficiary of this modern trend and its property market is booming as a result.


Between the growing population and the unique conditions of the housing market discussed previously, this makes Ashford property a unique opportunity for any investor.

Population trend highlights:

  • 92% – Most people leaving London end up in the Commuter Belt (Hampton’s International)
  • 22.2% – Growth in Ashford population over the last 15 years (Ashford Borough Council)


HS2 high speed rail

The future development of Manchester’s rail links is headlined by the HS2 high speed rail line. This is under construction and, when complete, has the potential to double the size of Manchester’s economy and provide 96,000 jobs to the city.

HS2 journey times when completed:

  • London – 1 hr 7 mins
  • Birmingham – 40 mins

Manchester Airport

Manchester Airport has completed its £1bn masterplan project and is the UK’s only twin-runway airport outside London. It is the international gateway to the North of England and is a major factor in Manchester’s attractiveness to international students and businesses.

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