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Furniture Packs

It has been proven again and again that furnished apartments rent for more money than unfurnished ones. For this reason we highly recommend that you invest in furniture for your property.

It is not possible to measure a property up for furniture before it is complete, but we work with developers to create bespoke, high quality furniture packs that can be ordered and fitted for you to maximise the potential of your investment property. They are also available to homebuyers to help make your new property an instant home.

Much like our lettings and management service, our furniture pack service allows you to make the most of being a landlord while minimising the amount of work required.

The Fulham Range

1 bed – £3,999
2 bed – £4,999
*All prices are inclusive of VAT

The Regency Range

1 bed – £3,749
2 bed – £4,749
*All prices are inclusive of VAT

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