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Brighton & Hove

Unlock the Potential of Property Investment in Brighton with North Property Group

Are you interested in investing in the property market in Brighton? If so, you’ve come to the right place! North Property Group is a reputable property investment company that can help you achieve your investment goals.

One of the most popular investment options in Brighton is the buy-to-let market. This type of investment involves purchasing a property with the intention of renting it out to tenants, generating a steady stream of rental income. With the demand for rental properties in Brighton continually increasing, now is an ideal time to consider investing in a buy-to-let property. Our team of experts can guide you through the entire process, from finding the perfect property to managing the rental process.

If you’re looking for new build properties in Brighton, we have a range of options available. Investing in new build properties can be an attractive option for many investors as they often come with modern amenities and are built to a high specification, ensuring they are more appealing to potential tenants. Brighton is a growing city, and with a variety of new build properties popping up throughout the area, you are sure to find an investment opportunity that suits your needs.

At North Property Group, we understand that property investment can be a complex and daunting process. That’s why we offer a range of services to make the process as easy as possible. From property sourcing to rental management, we are here to support you every step of the way. We pride ourselves on providing a personalised service to ensure our clients’ investment goals are met.

If you are looking to invest in the Brighton property market, look no further than North Property Group. Contact us today to find out more about our buy-to-let and new build property investment opportunities in Brighton.

Why is Brighton & Hove a great location for homebuyers and property investors?

Brighton and Hove – commonly referred to as Brighton – is a seaside city on the South Coast of England which is also on the edge of the South Downs national park. Located less than an hour from London by train, Brighton is a vibrant destination, abounding in gorgeous scenery and urban points of attraction. Its modern inclusive culture shapes the city’s unique character. From its culinary delights all the way to its eclectic architecture, Brighton doesn’t seize to amaze. It is a fresh space, constantly reinventing itself through bold and spontaneous urban-artistic interventions.


population growth in by 2030


Size of Brighton economy (Brighton City Council)

56 mins

from London by train

Great Potential

Up-and-coming market with significant growth potential

Why invest in
Brighton & Hove property?

Great for both buy to let and buy to leave opportunities, Brighton is one of the favoured landing places for people leaving London and, consequently, housing is in extremely high demand. Rightmove data shows that prices are already 13% above their pre-COVID peak, and reports in the Brighton Argus based upon Nationwide data state that house prices in the city went up by 12% in Q1 2022 alone, thanks to soaring demand.

The latest UK Census puts the population of Brighton at 277,200 people, and a review using figures from the Office for National Statistics projects that the city’s population will grow to 311,500 by 2030. This growth of 12.4% over the current number is faster growth than the South East as a whole, and would place serious pressure on the housing stock, meaning that both homebuyers and investors could receive significant capital appreciation by purchasing a property in Brighton.

Indeed, Brighton already has a severe shortage of housing for its current number of occupants. As per the Centre for Cities: “The city faces a severe housing shortage, and building more homes is a critical priority for the city’s economy and social inclusion. But despite the city’s unaffordability, new housing supply has increased by just 3% since 2011, even though the city’s population increased by 6% over that period.”

0 %
Brighton’s projected population growth by 2030 (Office for National Statistics)
0 %
Only a 7% increase in city centre housing stock over that time (Centre for Cities)
0 %
Growth predicted above national average (Office for National Statistics)

Life in Brighton & Hove

Reasons to make the move

Thanks to a great blend of work, leisure and stunning landscape, living in Brighton is a fantastic option for people and families of any size – especially those that need to be within easy reach of London but still value the seaside city lifestyle.

Brighton & Hove
economic growth

Brighton and its surrounding areas have a unique blend of factors which have led to the creation of a successful economy: a location within easy reach of London, mixed with a creative, entrepreneurial ethos. In total, it is estimated that the city region’s economy is worth £21bn a year and it supports 400,000 jobs.

A diverse range of businesses thrive in the city. As well as its reputed visitor economy, Brighton has notable strengths in the digital, creative, technology and advanced manufacturing sectors, along with a growing health and life sciences sector and a financial sector, which benefits from proximity to London to punch well above its weight.

In the future, Brighton’s economy is projected to grow strongly. The Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR) predicts that Brighton will go up 38 places in the UK’s league table of cities by the end of 2023, entering the top five. This will be based on a £300m increase in economic output – the equivalent of 2.3% growth year-on-year.

Economy stats


Size of Brighton’s regional economy (Brighton City Council) (ONS)


Number of jobs in the Brighton region (Brighton City Council)


Brighton’s predicted annual economic growth (CEBR)


Brighton and Hove is well connected to London, the rest of the UK and internationally, due to a strong transport network. It is easy to reach by road, rail, air or sea, making it a natural home for people and businesses of all types.


Brighton Station is the main way in and out of the city and being only a short distance from London helps to explain its overall popularity as an alternative home from the capital. Thousands of people work in London but enjoy all the delights of Brighton life thanks to the dozens of trains between the two cities each day.

Train times from Brighton:
  • London – 56 mins
  • Gatwick Airport – 30 mins
  • Ashford (Eurostar) – 1 hr 55 mins
  • Portsmouth – 1 hr 30 mins
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