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Taylormania: Liverpool’s Entertainment Regeneration And What It Means For Property Investment

June 20, 2024

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Key Highlights


Taylor, Eurovision, football, The Beatles, and much more… Something’s brewing in Liverpool, creating the perfect property investment opportunities.

A little over a week ago, superstar Taylor Swift graced the city of Liverpool with an immediate 3-day sell-out show. Drawing thousands of fans from across the UK (and even some hardcore fans from across the world).

Liverpool has long since been considered the birthplace of pop, it did after all give the world The Beatles. The city took to Taylor’s arrival with relish, introducing Taylor Town – an immersive blend of interactive exhibits, art pieces, and more that fans could visit around the city and drive the hype for the star’s first Liverpool concert. The Taylor Town Trail was a series of 11 installations fans could find to pose and take pictures with and enjoy, all 11 representing 11 of Taylor Swift’s musical “eras”.

The venture has been incredibly successful in driving hype and bringing more people to the city in the surrounding days around the concert dates – not just the concert dates themselves.

It has been estimated that Taylor’s arrival in this enigmatic, entertainment-focused city has brought over 100,000 visitors to its streets — all of whom needed places to stay, restaurants to eat at, and bars to enjoy as they got ready for one of the most glitzy music nights of the year.



With so many Taylor-related things to see and do, it’s clear that Liverpool is still riding the high from hosting Eurovision in 2023. Eurovision brought 473,000 visitors to Liverpool, many of whom stayed in the city for the full duration of the event, enjoying the nightlife and extra Eurovision parties the city had to offer. The city saw a revenue boost of £55 million, with Liverpool One (the city’s major shopping centre) reporting that it saw £20 million in additional revenue.


Football Fandamonium

It’s not just music that drives visitors to the city every single week. Football is also a huge part of Liverpool’s tourism. It is home to two major clubs, Liverpool FC and Everton FC. Football brings hundreds of thousands of visitors each year, with over 200,000 visiting Anfield stadium – Liverpool’s home stadium – in just one year.

Bramley Moore docks are the newest addition to the city’s football hall of fame – it is the new currently-under-construction home for Everton FC. This new stadium boasts an incredible capacity of 52,888 and is estimated to boost the city’s economy by an incredible £1.3 billion. 


What This Means For Property Investments

All of this excitement surrounding the city can only be good news for investors – including both short-term and long-term buy-to-let property investors. More visitors means more revenue for the city, boosting the economy, and, perhaps most importantly, it also means that there is more of a demand for short-term rentals.

During Eurovision, almost every Airbnb in the city was booked out – with the council and Airbnb itself even calling on people who aren’t landlords to open their homes to Eurovision fans to meet the demand.

With the arrival of Taylor Swift, it’s clear that Liverpool’s heyday as an entertainment and music hotspot is far from over and that the demand for quality short-term rentals is still acutely high. This shows promising potential for investors exclusively looking for short-term rental opportunities.

Not only that, but this increase in tourism and burgeoning nightlife only brings in more students entranced by what the city has to offer and more jobs as the hospitality industry grows and grows. This naturally results in a growing demand for quality and suitable long-term rental housing.



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