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February 9, 2024

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Key Highlights

  • Co-founder and creative director, Oli Banks, has been named as one of the Hurun UK Under 30s Young Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2023.
  • Also featured on the list are Gymshark’s Ben Francis and Paddle’s Christian Owens and Harrison Rose.
  • Since NPG was founded in 2017, it has successfully sold 15,000 homes, thanks to Oli's creative direction.

NPG Founder and Creative Director Oli Banks Named Top Under 30 Entrepreneur By Hurun UK

At North Property Group, we’re proud of what we do – and even prouder when we’re recognised for what we do. 

Our very own founder and creative director, Oli Banks, has been listed as one of the top young entrepreneurs in the Hurun UK Under 30s Young Entrepreneurs to Watch report. The report has listed Oli along with 78 other entrepreneurs under the age of 30 who are running successful business ventures and driving the UK economy forward. The list recognises exceptional talent in a wide range of industries, listing those who have quickly built a successful business worth $10 million.

Founded in 2017 with co-founder, Tim Coen, NPG has gone from strength to strength. Since NPG’s inception, the company has sold an incredible 15,000 new build and off-plan homes to investors and landlords, with an impressive recent turnover of £5.6 million.

The list recognises exceptional talent, listing those who have quickly built a successful business worth $10 million. Among Oli, Gymshark’s Ben Francis and Paddle’s Christian Owens and Harrison Rose, have also made the cut.

“Our research shows Britain’s entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well,” said Rupert Hoogewerf, Hurun’s report chairman and chief researcher. 

“Many of these young business leaders have managed to quickly build successful companies despite a difficult geo-political environment, persistent inflation, and the many other headwinds our economies have experienced in recent years.”

Oli’s inclusion on the list also signals a welcome diversion away from the trend of other candidates, who are prominently from London, making Oli one of the few Northerners on the list. He also stands out as one of only six founders who are in the property industry, with Oli being the only inclusion who helps to advise landlords and manage lettings, alongside property investment.

Oli’s appearance, alongside others, on the top under 30s on the Hurun Report has so far been publicised in Tech Blast, The Negotiator, and Landlord Zone.

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