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New Projects Set To Dominate Manchester’s Iconic Skyline

June 11, 2024

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Here are some of the hottest projects and developments in production or nearly completed that are happening around Manchester city centre.

Manchester is no longer the best-kept secret of the north. Thousands of people are moving to the city each year for both work and study, and hundreds of thousands more visit Manchester from around the UK for events, work, and day trips. What’s more, Greater Manchester receives 1.15 million international visitors each year, making Manchester the third most popular city for foreign tourists, after London and Edinburgh.

This population and tourism increase has led to billions being invested into Manchester’s economy by people who recognise its value. The city’s rapid regeneration has led to Manchester’s city skyline becoming an iconic and glittering landscape, with teeming skyscrapers and points of interest dominating the area.

New projects are happening all across the city, from residential and commercial, to educational and entertainment. Here are our top picks of what’s currently happening or being planned around the city.


Red Bank, Manchester

The Red Bank Regeneration Project is part of a huge developmental project looking to revitalise and develop Manchester’s Victoria North, previously known as the Northern Gateway. A joint venture between North Property Group, the FEC, and Manchester city centre council, the aim is to create a green belt in the city centre. It will connect Victoria Station to the Queens Park area and will cover 155 hectares.

The area is slated to be a blend of residential, retail, and commercial, opening up hundreds of investment opportunities. The space will include public spaces, green areas, educational spaces, hospitality hotspots, and shopping centres.

Part of the redevelopment will include reviving the Red Bank neighbourhood, and creating a green and sustainable place to live, nestled next to the River Irk Valley. The regeneration project will create 15,000 new homes, to help combat the growing demand for housing in the city. The Red Bank Viaduct will be repurposed as a retail space and a recreational space. The project also includes redeveloped transport links, community centres, and green public centres for residents.

Interested in learning more about Red Bank? Check out the landing page here to find out more.



In partnership with Salboy, North Property Group is delighted to announce the new development taking place in Manchester’s north – Obsidian. The building will be a brand new 26-story residential tower that will add a striking new feature to the city’s skyline and create an additional 250 homes. The residence consists of studios and 1, 2, and 3-bedroom apartments, complete with first-class amenities such as a fully-equipped gym, cinema room, and more.


Obsidian will be located within the M3 postcode area and will be conveniently located in a variety of shops, bars, restaurants, and entertainment venues. It is a 12-minute walk from Manchester’s Victoria Station and a 10-minute walk from the AO Arena.

To find out more about this exciting new residential property investment opportunity, click here.


Viadux 2.0

The second stage of Salboy’s ambitious regeneration plans for the city includes Viadux 2.0 – a 76-story tower that will have 782 apartments and an additional 23-story tower that will provide an additional 133 affordable properties.

The building will be positioned in the very heart of Manchester city, positioned just off Great Bridgewater Street. The building is the tallest one to be proposed in Manchester outside of the UK’s capital, significantly altering Manchester’s skyline forever and becoming an instant landmark. The building is currently in the planning stages.



With Manchester’s property market continuing to thrive, the best time to invest in this fantastic northern city is now. With developments taking place all over the city, strong rental demand, and plenty of work and school opportunities, it’s no wonder why thousands are flocking while billions of investments are being pumped into the city.


At North Property Group, we specialise in UK new build and UK off plan property investments in Manchester and beyond. We can help you locate the best investment opportunities and help you manage your property. Our team has an in-depth and extensive knowledge of the UK’s real estate market and can provide expert advice, helping you find the best investment to suit your business goals. Book a free consultation with us today to unlock Manchester’s potential.

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