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NOMA: An Urban Transformation

October 11, 2023

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NOMA Manchester neighbourhood

Article Summary

  • NOMA's evolution is well underway, with thousands already living and working within its vibrant precincts.

  • NOMA, derived from 'North' and 'Manchester', is a sprawling £800 million redevelopment project, positioned within a stone's throw of Victoria Station.

  • It has already seen the likes of Amazon and Deloitte join the community. Amazon established its first corporate office outside London at NOMA's historic Hanover House in 2020.


Around the corner from the bustling Northern Quarter lies NOMA, a neighbourhood steadily emerging as Manchester’s best-kept secret. In a city characterized by renowned districts like Ancoats, Spinningfields, and the Northern Quarter, NOMA is poised to carve its own niche on Manchester’s dynamic landscape. Although not as widely discussed as its neighbours, NOMA’s evolution is well underway, with thousands already living and working within its vibrant precincts.


What is NOMA?

NOMA, derived from ‘North’ and ‘Manchester’, is a sprawling £800 million redevelopment project spanning 20 acres. Positioned within a stone’s throw of Victoria Station, it proudly proclaims itself as the city’s most well-connected neighbourhood. Yet, despite these credentials, NOMA is a name not yet on the tip of everyone’s tongue.

This transformative neighbourhood is infused with a unique spirit that sets it apart from the rest of the city. Its heart and soul are powered by remarkable stories, starting with the community-driven pub, The Sadler’s Cat. A product of the efforts of 500 dedicated volunteers, this pub was meticulously crafted “from the inside out.” From bar stools to pumps, each element is a testament to their hard work and love for NOMA.

A beacon of sustainability, One Angel Square, housing the Co-operative Group, is a landmark in its own right. It operates entirely on renewable energy, boasting heat pumps, solar panels, and a rainwater harvesting system. The Co-operative Group’s values, deeply rooted in Manchester, seamlessly align with the essence of this entire project.

NOMA Manchester

Fast Growth

As NOMA takes shape, it epitomizes the concept of a ’15-minute city,’ where amenities and leisure opportunities are accessible within a 15-minute walk or cycle from home. In the heart of NOMA, Angel Gardens provides hundreds of rental-only apartments, presenting an attractive prospect for those looking to call this neighbourhood home.

NOMA has already seen the likes of Amazon and Deloitte join the community. Amazon established its first corporate office outside London at NOMA’s historic Hanover House in 2020, creating 600 jobs. The appeal is evident, and with room for further growth, NOMA is destined to become a thriving hub for businesses and residents alike, as the neighbourhood continues to grow in tandem with the city in terms of population and job opportunities.

The neighbourhood is becoming an area of Manchester that property investors are starting to look at as young professionals begin to look for a home in the thriving city centre. With attractive yields and plenty of new-build regeneration projects such as One Victoria and Victoria Riverside nearby, investors will surely benefit from considering this area.


Hotspots in the neighbourhood

Reopening its doors after a splendid £10 million transformation in 2022, New Century Hall adds cultural significance to NOMA. Once a cherished venue for legends like Jimi Hendrix and the Rolling Stones, it now features a kitchen showcasing local food and drink vendors, a production house, and an 800-plus capacity concert venue.

NOMA’s architectural diversity reflects Manchester’s eclectic spirit. From the mid-century modern aesthetic of New Century Hall to the Edwardian baroque charm of the Hanover building, NOMA is a microcosm of Manchester’s rich history. Add to the mix the Art Deco allure of the Redfern building and the contemporary beehive design of One Angel Square, and you have a truly unique collection.

Although NOMA may not yet enjoy the same recognition as its counterparts like the Northern Quarter or Spinningfields, it’s poised for a transformation. NOMA’s goal is to become synonymous with socializing, culinary delights, retail therapy, exquisite living spaces, and a thriving calendar of events. With a packed schedule of upcoming gigs and shows featuring celebrated artists, NOMA is embracing the ‘go big or go home’ philosophy.

Recently, NOMA welcomed Allpress, the esteemed New Zealand-originated coffee makers. Their café and barista school, the first of its kind in the north, has made NOMA its home. Allpress supplies coffee to an array of global eateries, including around 40 in Manchester. Renowned establishments like Another Heart to Feed, Erst, and TROVE have all benefited from the Allpress touch.

Manchester property investment


While NOMA may not be on everyone’s lips yet, it’s a name that’s set to resonate more and more across the city. With its rich history, architectural diversity, and flourishing culture, NOMA is gradually revealing itself as a vibrant, future-forward neighbourhood—one that beckons you to explore its endless possibilities.

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