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Red Bank Manchester – A Regeneration Project and Investment Opportunity

February 7, 2024

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Key Highlights

  • A project to revive Manchester's Victoria North includes creating a green belt for the city and a total of 15,000 new homes.


  • With a focus on high quality living spaces, the goal is to also create a low carbon neighbourhood.


  • Manchester's Red Bank is predicted to be the biggest regeneration spot in the city, with an estimated worth of £4 billion.

Manchester has become one of the UK’s best property markets, with thousands flocking to the city each year to work, study, and play. It has a fast growing population, an exciting career market with powerhouse industries like tech and finance, a thriving cultural scene, and a short supply of housing and fast rising rental prices. These aspects have made property in Manchester an attractive and lucrative opportunity for investors. 

While a lot of Manchester city centre and its surrounding areas have long since enjoyed redevelopment and investment, there are still a few spaces in the city that are still upcoming and teeming with unlocked potential, and this includes none other than Red Bank Manchester.

The Red Bank Regeneration Project


The Red Bank Regeneration Project, a joint venture between reputable developer, Far East Consortium (FEC), and Manchester City Council, is part of the developmental project looking to revive and develop Manchester’s Victoria North, formerly known as the Northern Gateway. The aim is to create a green belt for the city, connecting Victoria Station to Queens Park and covering approximately 155 hectares, and opening up thousands of investment opportunities and spaces for new enterprises, public spaces, educational bodies, hospitality, and retail.

One of the current stages of development is reviving the Red Bank neighbourhood in order to create a vibrant and sustainable place to live along the River Irk Valley. Red Bank Manchester is an eclectic neighbourhood in the north of Manchester, with a picturesque landscape and iconic architecture. This unique setting has made it the perfect investment location for housing and development. 

Red Bank Manchester’s regeneration project includes creating 15,000 new homes in order to meet the growing demand for high quality living spaces in the city. The Red Bank Viaduct will remain as a space for retail businesses, while also doubling up as a public space for recreation. The project will focus on creating sustainable new residential spaces, providing strong transport links, green public spaces, and community facilities.

Sustainability is at the heart of the project, with the aim of creating a low carbon neighbourhood, with targets set for Net Zero Carbon during operations. Green spaces alongside the river valley will remain within the plans for the revised neighbourhood in order to create pockets of nature for residents to enjoy. The goal is to create a rich and diverse neighbourhood, with residents from all walks of life and ages. Community will be at the heart of Red Bank Manchester, with key local amenities and facilities all within a 15 minute walk. Safe routes for cycling, running, and walking have also been planned. 

Why You Should Invest In Red Bank Manchester


Red Bank Manchester is estimated to be the biggest regeneration spot in the city, with an estimated worth of £4 billion. Currently underdeveloped, the area poses as an attractive opportunity for property investors. Between 2016 and 2021, residential prices have reached eye watering heights, increasing by 42.90%. Oxford Economics has predicted that this vibrant city will experience economic growth of around 16.4% in the coming years. Property prices in the city have been predicted to increase by an incredible 25.8% by 2026.

Manchester has become the north’s growing cultural and financial centre with a rich history. As more and more businesses spring up in the city and around it, it has become home to a driving tech hub worth £5 billion. It’s home to booming industries such as eCommerce, gaming, cyber security, and artificial intelligence. This fast growing tech ecosystem has brought with it countless jobs, investment opportunities, and innovation. Most notably, Manchester was named as the UK’s official Top Digital Tech City by CBRE and has also been recognised as the largest regional FinTech capital in the country. 

And it’s not just the tech scene that’s booming–more and more people are relocating to this unique city for jobs in Media City–a powerful media hub just a stone’s throw from the city in Salford Quays. The BBC have also recently proposed to extend its news operations in Media City as part of its new investment plans which will bring hundreds of more jobs into the city.

Manchester is a work hard, play hard city. It is one of the biggest cultural hubs in the north, with people visiting the city every weekend–and frequently weekdays–for football matches with Manchester City and Manchester United, concerts, comedy performances, theatre, gallery shows, and more. This also presents an opportunity for property investors looking to buy property to lease for short term lets for tourists and visitors. 

Manchester has a population of over 550,000, and is only growing more. Since 2011, the city’s population has grown by an incredible 7%. It is also predicted that this figure will increase by 56,000 by 2034. It’s clear that the city needs more housing and more developments in order to meet this demand, which is where you come in.

Investing In Red Bank Manchester


Nestled close to the beating heart of the UK’s largest and most exciting up and coming city, Red Bank Manchester poses thousands of real estate investment opportunities with the potential for high returns. Manchester has experienced the biggest surge in house prices across England and Wales since 2000, with this trend only set to continue. The Red Bank neighbourhood has attractive residential potential, due to its proposed green and public spaces and sustainable homes, while being a mere stone’s throw from the city centre. It has great transport links, already being close to Manchester Victoria station, and is a short distance from the AO Arena and Manchester City Stadium.

Here at North Property Group, our experienced team can help you find the best investment opportunities in Red Bank Manchester. We have a deep and rich understanding of the Manchester property market and can offer expert guidance so you can make the most out of your investment. Call us today to unlock the investment potential in Red Bank Manchester.

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