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Why now is the prime time for UK buy-to-let investments

August 16, 2023

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UK property investment

Article Summary

  • The current average yield stands at an impressive 5.2%, representing a 0.4% uptick from the previous year.

  • The North West of England commands a robust average yield of 5.5%, as Yorkshire & Humber boasts an average yield of 4.9%, with London at 4.7%.

  • People are often willing to pay a premium for properties located near parks, gyms, restaurants, and public transport hubs.


For discerning property investors seeking to capitalise on the dynamic UK real estate market, the present juncture offers an enticing proposition. A number of first-time investors may be put off by the current market and may think that this is a good idea before investing in property.

A confluence of factors, from burgeoning rental yields in the North of England to a consistent rise in rent values, has cultivated an environment ripe for buy-to-let investments. This article explores why now is the prime time for investors to seize opportunities in the UK’s property market, supported by compelling data and trends.


On the Rise: Increasing Rental Yields Nationwide

Rental yields all over the UK have held strong, with several regions increasing on average, showing several positive signs for prospective property investors. Despite the perceived instability of the market, the competitiveness of the rental market has remained high, which benefits those investors looking to utilise a buy-to-let model.

The latest data underscores the upward trajectory of rental yields throughout the UK’s property investment opportunities. With the current average yield standing at an impressive 5.2%, representing a 0.4% uptick from the previous year, investors are witnessing a marked improvement in potential returns. This increase signifies a favourable climate for buy-to-let investments, where a rental property can yield a consistent stream of income while building equity over time.

Northern Delights: Surging Rental Yields

One of the most compelling indicators that underpins the current attractiveness of the buy-to-let sector is the notable surge in rental yields across the North of England. Investors have long been attracted to this region due to its more affordable property prices compared to the South. Recently, this has been paired with a considerable increase in rental yields, making cities like Manchester, Liverpool, and Leeds veritable hotspots for lucrative investments. The combination of affordable entry points and robust rental yields creates a recipe for compelling returns.


Hotspots Beckon: Regional Variations in Rental Yields

As investors explore specific regions, hotspot areas are emerging with even more tantalising figures. The North West of England commands a robust average yield of 5.5%, underlining the region’s allure for savvy investors. Yorkshire & Humber, with an average yield of 4.9%, and London, at 4.7%, also present promising landscapes for those looking to diversify their portfolio. These diverse options cater to a range of investment preferences and risk appetites.

Manchester buy to let

Rent Values on the Ascent: A Clear Opportunity

An integral piece of the puzzle is the swift climb in rent values across the UK. With rent values escalating at a noteworthy pace, potential buy-to-let landlords who possess the means to secure current mortgage deals are in an advantageous position. These landlords are well-advised to act with expediency when the right properties become available in the optimal locations.

The combination of higher rental income and potential capital appreciation paints a compelling picture for investors. The UK property market presents several attractive prospects for investors, as we at NPG have a selection of luxury projects across all of the UK’s hotspots.



In the ever-evolving landscape of property investments, timing is often the key determinant of success. The current confluence of factors in the UK’s real estate market paints an optimistic picture for buy-to-let investors. The combination of escalating rental yields in the North, an impressive 5.2% average yield nationwide, hotspot regions like the North West and Yorkshire & Humber, and a swift surge in rent values signifies that now is a golden opportunity for investors to capitalize on the buy-to-let market.

By strategically navigating the landscape, investors can identify the right properties in the right locations, making prudent decisions that stand to yield both immediate rental income and the potential for long-term capital appreciation. As always, meticulous research, comprehensive due diligence, and professional guidance remain paramount in realizing the full potential of this lucrative investment endeavour.

To learn about the property investment opportunities above, or to find out more about how property investment works, get in touch with the experts at North Property Group today.

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