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Why Property Investors are eyeing Manchester, Leeds, and Liverpool

September 8, 2023

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Article Summary

  • Manchester's skyline has been transformed by major regeneration projects, including St. Peter's Square, NOMA, and the £1.1 billion Manchester Airport City development.

  • High tenant demand is a hallmark of Leeds, driven by a growing job market and a significant student population.

  • Liverpool's strong economy, thriving tourism industry, and world-renowned universities contribute to high tenant demand.


For property investors, the prospect of the North of England is becoming increasingly irresistible. Cities such as Manchester, Leeds, and Liverpool are not only cultural and historical gems but also burgeoning property investment hotspots. What makes these cities so attractive to investors? Let’s explore the major regeneration projects, high tenant demand, and the promise of substantial capital appreciation that are drawing property investors to these dynamic northern hubs.


Manchester: The Northern Powerhouse

Manchester, often hailed as the “Northern Powerhouse,” has been a focal point of property investment for several compelling reasons. The city’s skyline has been transformed by major regeneration projects, including St. Peter’s Square, NOMA, and the £1.1 billion Manchester Airport City development. These initiatives are reshaping the urban landscape, creating modern living spaces, and fostering economic growth.

But Manchester’s allure goes beyond its physical transformation. The city boasts a thriving job market, attracting professionals from various industries and students seeking top-tier education. Its rich cultural scene, excellent transport links, and ever-expanding skyline make it an enticing destination for property investors. The promise of steady rental income, coupled with the potential for long-term capital growth, ensures that investors are well-positioned to reap the benefits of Manchester’s continued evolution.

Manchester property investment

Leeds: A Financial and Cultural Hub

Leeds, the vibrant heart of Yorkshire, stands as a flourishing financial centre with a dynamic cultural scene. Its South Bank regeneration project, one of the largest in Europe, is poised to redefine the city’s landscape. This massive undertaking will introduce new homes, offices, and leisure spaces, further enhancing the city’s appeal. Additionally, Leeds’ ambitious HS2 rail link project promises even better connectivity, positioning the city for sustained growth.

High tenant demand is a hallmark of Leeds, driven by a growing job market and a significant student population. The city’s continuous evolution, coupled with promising infrastructure developments, makes it an attractive prospect for property investors. With the potential for steady returns and capital appreciation, Leeds is firmly on the radar of savvy investors.


Liverpool: A Waterfront Renaissance

Liverpool, famed for its maritime history and cultural heritage, is experiencing a waterfront renaissance with projects like Liverpool Waters. This colossal endeavour is reshaping the city’s waterfront, introducing residential, commercial, and leisure spaces, and firmly establishing Liverpool as a prime property investment destination.

Liverpool’s strong economy, thriving tourism industry, and world-renowned universities contribute to high tenant demand. As Liverpool’s waterfront undergoes this transformation, property investors can anticipate not only rental income but also substantial capital appreciation over time. The city’s rich history and cultural attractions further add to its investment appeal.

Liverpool property investment

High Tenant Demand: A Key Driver

One of the primary reasons property investors are flocking to these northern cities is the consistently high tenant demand. These cities boast a diverse range of industries, including finance, technology, education, and healthcare, resulting in a steady influx of professionals in search of quality housing. Additionally, the presence of prestigious universities in each city ensures a continuous stream of students seeking accommodations.


Capital Appreciation Potential: A Lucrative Prospect

While rental income is undoubtedly a significant draw for property investors, the potential for capital appreciation in these cities is equally enticing. The regeneration projects, improved infrastructure, and growing demand for property are collectively driving property values upward. As these cities continue to evolve and flourish, investors stand to benefit from long-term capital gains, solidifying the attractiveness of these investments.

With some of the most attractive rental yields in the country, it is no wonder that an increasing number of investors are dipping into this previously underappreciated market.

UK Northern investment


In conclusion, Manchester, Leeds, and Liverpool are not just regional powerhouses; they are magnets for property investors seeking both rental income and capital appreciation. Major regeneration projects are revitalizing these cities, high tenant demand is ensuring consistent rental returns, and the promise of capital appreciation is attracting investors from far and wide. The North of England is undoubtedly shining brightly on the property investment map, offering a wealth of opportunities for those with the foresight to invest in its prosperous future. As these cities continue to redefine themselves, investors stand to benefit from the remarkable growth story unfolding in the heart of the North.

To find out about more of some of the most attractive new-build and regeneration projects that Manchester, Liverpool or Leeds has to offer, click here.

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